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Updated: Mar 26th, 2015


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Moncton Area Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
Serving the community since 1936 through Amateur Radio

Sponsor of Moncton Packet System - VE1FUN BBS
VE1PRM and VE9EMM Digipeaters

Club Stations - VE1EV, VE9MSR and VE9MSC

MAARC Inc., PO Box 73, Moncton, NB, Canada, E1C 8R9


Welcome to the
Moncton Area
Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

The April MAARC, Inc. monthly meeting will be held

at 1900 hrs, Monday, April 20/2015, 289 Halifax Street.

Presentation T.B.A.

The Amateur Radio Operators Certificate instruction sessions have been underway since January 24/2015, each Saturday at 9am.   For details on subjects, Instructors, etc., click on TRAINING in menu at left.

The Morse Code Training Course conducted by Marcel LeBlanc, VE9ML, with sessions at 7pm Tuesdays and Thursdays has been underway since February 3/2015 at the Club Rooms. MAARC, Inc. members are welcome to attend any or all of the remaining sessions.

Prize of a $100. Gift Certificate at Durham Radio Sales & Service was drawn among Club members who were registered as having attended all three MAARC, Inc meetings in January, February and March 2015.  CONGRATULATIONS go to Blake, VE9TUX!


The Moncton Area Amateur Radio Club was founded in 1966 as a successor to the Moncton Amateur Radio Club formed in 1936.  MAARC, Inc. was incorporated in 1977 under New Brunswick law as a not-for-profit organization.

Its objectives include promotion of Amateur Radio as a licensed and regulated activity under Federal jurisdiction; sponsorship of technical and social activities and provision of public communications service in times of emergency.

The Moncton Seniors ARC, Inc. was shelved in 2004 with its members continuing their association through membership in MAARC, Inc.    As a result,  a high percentage of MAARC, Inc. members are former members of the Seniors Club. MAARC, Inc. is affiliated with Radio Amateurs of Canada, Inc. and a member of the American Radio Relay League, Inc

MAARC, Inc. sponsors the following services:

*   MAARC, Inc. maintains membership in the principal Canadian and USA national Amateur Radio organizations.  Their technical and organizational publications provide MAARC, Inc. members with information of the latest advances and national/international happenings.

*   The Moncton Area ARC, Inc. has installed amateur radio station facilities and associated antennas at its Club rooms, including an Amateur Space Station for the use of all members.  The Club station is capable of remote operation.  This is of particular advantage to members who have moved to Senior type accommodation where operating an Amateur Radio station is severely restricted or prohibited.

*    A meeting of Club members is held on the third Monday of each month (except July) to review and approve business decisions and conduct technical presentations for the benefit of members.  The September meeting is designated as the Annual General Meeting at which Members serving on the Executive are elected.

*   MAARC, Inc. holds an informal gathering of its members each Wednesday morning at which members engage in social discourse, operate Club radio facilities and peruse the latest radio publications.

*   Instruction on new and special operating techniques is offered as the need arises.  Organized training sessions in Morse code, technical theory and certain operating specialties such as the Space Station, VE9MSC are conducted on an organized basis.

*   MAARC, Inc. operates the The Bob Sherwood Memorial QSL Bureau serving Radio Amateurs in NB and PEI holding VE9 & VY2 prefix call signs.

*   MAARC, Inc. operates the Moncton Packet System VE1FUN BBS and Digipeaters VE1PRM and VE9EMM

*    MAARC, Inc. sponsors the following:

Worked Atlantic Provinces Award

*   Club Stations:

VE1EV, VE9MSR & Space Station,VE9MSC.
The website and the QTC Newsletter.

Regular meetings are held on the third Monday of each month except July, with the September meeting designated as the Annual General Meeting when members elect a slate of Executive officers to serve for one year.

MAARC, Inc. members and others are invited to submit items to the Editor: QTC Newsletter or for posting to the Website


Membership enquiries and correspondence by snail mail should be addressed to:
Secretary, MAARC, Inc.
Box 73 Moncton NB
E1C 8R9

Click HERE to send email to Secretary David Cochrane VE9QED

Moncton Area Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

Serving the Community since 1936 through Amateur Radio

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