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Moncton Area Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
Serving the community since 1936 through Amateur Radio

Sponsor of Moncton Packet System - VE1FUN BBS

Club Stations - VE1EV, VE9MSR and VE9MSC

MAARC Inc., PO Box 73, Moncton, NB, Canada, E1C 8R9


Welcome to the QSL Bureau Information Page
MAARC, Inc. Website

As a member society of the International Amateur Radio Union, RAC coordinates and provides funding for the Canadian QSL Bureau system.  The system comprises eleven provincial Incoming QSL Bureaus tied into National Incoming and Outgoing Bureaus.
The Moncton Area Amateur Radio Club, Inc. sponsors the Bob Sherwood Memorial VE9-VY2 QSL Bureau serving Radio Amateurs in New Brunswick and PEI.
MAARC has appointed Wayne Gillcash,  VE1RR,  as Bureau Manager


Radio Amateurs have the responsibility to verify that their
address is always correct in the Industry Canada database.

Please refer to Industry Canada document: RBR-4
“Standards for the Operation of Radio Stations in the Amateur Radio Service” It is available for downloading from the Industry Canada Website.
If your address differs from that shown in the IC Database please send an
e-mail giving your correct address to: or by CanPost to

Industry Canada – Amateur Radio Service Centre
PO Box 9654 Postal Station “T”
Ottawa   ON   K1G 6K9

The Bureau has many cards for Amateurs who do not currently have a minimum balance of $5 on deposit with the Bureau to cover forwarding of their cards. There are also hundreds of cards for VE9 and VY2 Amateurs who have “NEVER” registered with the Bureau.
A $5.00 cheque or money order to the Bureau at:

VE9-VY2 QSL Bureau
P. O.  Box 73
Moncton   NB   E1C 8R9

will register your call with the Bureau and ensure immediate shipment of all your cards.

Want to verify if the Bureau has any cards for you and/or if it has your correct address? Simply send a query to:


Please support your QSL Bureau System.

It’s entirely for your benefit.

The Bureau plans to have a table at most Flea Markets
scheduled this year in the Maritimes

We look forward to seeing you at these events.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

Wayne Gillcash, VE1RR
Bob Sherwood Memorial
VE9-VY2 QSL Bureau
P. O. Box 73
Moncton NB   E1C 8R9


If you hold a VE1 or VE0 callsign, it is equally important
that you register with and support the:

Brit Fader Memorial
VE1-VE0 QSL Bureau
Tom Caithness, VE1GTC Manager
P.  O.  Box 8895   Halifax   NS   B3K 5M5 

Visitors to this page of the MAARC Website are invited to view
It is recommended reading and gives a comprehensive history of the origins
and role of QSL cards in Amateur Radio along with the use of QSL cards in
 short wave listening, TV-FM DXing with references and external links.

Popular Communications magazine, April 2009 issue contains an
informative article related to QSL cards starting on page 12.