The Moncton Area Amateur Radio Club was founded in 1966 as a successor to the Moncton Amateur Radio Club formed in 1936.  MAARC, Inc. was incorporated in 1977 under New Brunswick law as a not-for-profit organization.

Its objectives include promotion of Amateur Radio as a licensed and regulated activity under Federal jurisdiction; sponsorship of technical and social activities and provision of public communications service in times of emergency.

The Moncton Seniors ARC, Inc. was shelved in 2004 with its members continuing their association through membership in MAARC, Inc. As a result,  a high percentage of MAARC, Inc. members are former members of the Seniors Club.  MAARC, Inc. is affiliated with Radio Amateurs of Canada, Inc. and a member of the American Radio Relay League, Inc.

MAARC, Inc. sponsors the following services:

Club Stations


​​The first Club sponsored station was established under call sign, VE1EV. VE1EV was originally held by SK Gorely Brown, who was elected the Club’s first Secretary when the Club was established in 1936.  Gorely remained an active member until the late 1960s.


Moncton Seniors Radio (MSC) was held by the Moncton Seniors ARC, Inc. during its existence.  When the Seniors Club became inactive, the call was reassigned to MAARC, Inc.


Moncton Space Center (MSC) was assigned to the Club space station when it was established at the BM High School and is the call sign used in operation of the Club’s space station, now located at Club rooms on Halifax Street.


HRD Software Download

​Moncton Packet System - VE1MPF BBS
Digipeaters - VE1PRM & VE9EMM
Club Stations - VE1EV, VE9MSR & VE9MSC

Club Station Radios

MAARC, Inc. acquired computer equipment which has been interfaced with each of the Club’s HF transceivers. The computer interface using Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) software enables the operator to take advantage of several automatic control, operating and logging features while using any of the Club HF transceivers.

The acquisition of computer terminals was arranged with the much valued assistance of Warren MacKnight, VE9MA.  Installation and interfacing with HF transceivers was set up by Club members JP LeBlanc, VE9BK, and Marcel LeBlanc, VE9ML.

The HRD software has many features which can be activated at the station operator’s discretion to automate not only logging, but also a range of station control functions valuable in operating.

Remote Stations

Through a New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP) Grant, MAARC members now have access to two Ten-Tec remote transceivers. One is located at the home of Marcel, VE9ML, while the other is located at the MAARC Clubhouse. For Club members faced with HF restrictions in apartment type complexes this is a very attractive option.

​Many thanks to JP, VE9BK for his efforts on this project.