Automatic Position Reporting System, or APRS, is a system where HAM radio operators use Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers along with their HAM radios to report their location as they move.

Getting Started in APRS


Just getting into APRS mobile in the last month or so.

​Now setup does not  have to be that elaborate for it to track and show on Google Maps etc.  Setup here consist of a Tiny Track 3, which I bought locally, but is available in a  kit form for around 40 $ landed in Moncton.

HT that I am using is an old ICOM 20at, rated at 5 watts, powered from the cigarette lighter. Did put a torroid snap on choke on the connecting wire to  HT from the Tiny Track, just in case I might have some RF feedback. Radio cost me on a swapshop 30$.

Antenna is a dual band  MFJ 5/8 mag mount , on the trunk.  Most expensive part is the GPS, which this  one does come from Byonics as so does the Tiny Track 3, GPS is around 85$  landed in Moncton.

If a person has a GPS doing nothing he can also use that with the Tiny Track 3.  For less that 200$, which is not bad to have APRS in a mobile.  Mine is left on 24/7 as radio stuff is in the glove compartment between the seats.  GPS puck is in a compartment on the dash, nothing is obvious anymore than that.  No wires in the way , and you tend to forget that it is there.  Of course any mobile radio will work also, and the more power that you have a person does extend his coverage more, and tend to be picked up more often. Usually power of around 25 to 50 watts is considered high power.

Whenever we travel  around Moncton , and once home I look up on Google, just to see the coverage. So far very pleased with setup.

If interested to track me, go to http://aprs.fi/?call=VE9BUF-9 Once there, you can put some else’s callsign to see their tracking, ex: ve1von-9  Also click on “ show all” it will show you more stations. If you want to track someone else, just put in their calls instead of ve9buf-9  ex: ve1von-9 will show you tracking for Yvon.

Don’t be afraid to  experiment with what’s on the right had side of map. Lots of info if you click on stuff.

Have fun.


View the Moncton area APRS system
​ (Simply select show all to see all the stations in the area)

Jean-Guy's APRS Setup