Moncton Fusion Repeater - VE9MFR

The Fusion Repeater system is running in “analog/digital” mode, which means those who have an analog transceiver and/or a Yaesu Fusion transceiver can both enjoy the system.

If you connect to another node/room, the VE9MFR machine will drop the unused connection after 10 minutes.

​Recommended Repeater Operating Procedures

​Fusion Webinar presented by Yaesu

On October 26th, Yaesu held a webinar on Fusion for MAARC. John Kruk – N9UPC, Yaesu's National Sales Manager, covered Fusion radios and infrastructure. The webinar lasted just short of one hour. A recording is available if you'd like to watch or re-watch the webinar.

Click here to access the Webinar.