Amateur Radio Training

Radio Amateur of Canada (RAC) online training can be completed from home. Once you have completed the training and are ready to take the exam, please contact our training coordinator to set up an exam session.

​​To write your exam, please contact either of these members: 

Stephen Conrad
Phone: (506) 227-4036

Matthieu Dugas
Phone: (506) 588-4368

Also, for a list of qualified Amateur Radio Examiners in your area, please click here.

​​What do I need?

It is recommended that students should have in their possession the 9th Edition of the RAC Study Guide for the Basic Exam, which can be  purchased online here. The cost of purchase is $50.00 plus tax & shipping. There are also special packages which are optional and which include the RAC Operating Manual and a six-month trial membership in RAC.

Another recommended but optional reference is the the student manual from Coax publication. If a student has already purchased the Sixth Edition of the RAC Study Guide instead, it is OK. 

​If a student has a computer with access to the internet, it is strongly recommended that they download practice exams from Industry Canada.

Other Amateur Radio Clubs

Here are a couple of other organizations to consider joining as part of your Amateur Radio Hobby:

​Where do I train?

All training has now moved to online format. However, exams may be provided in person.

How does the Licensing exam work?

The exam is made up of 100 multiple choice questions taken from a database of 958 questions.

​Basic Passing Grade = 70%
HF Privileges = 80%